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Lisa’s 40th Birthday bash in Marshchapel

I was recently asked to attend Lisa’s 40th birthday party at The White Horse, in Marshchapel to photograph the celebrations. The evening had quite a turn out with plenty of Lisa’s family and close friends there to get the party really going. I captured many happy candid moments which were plentiful as the evening unfolded.

Everyone got involved in bringing fun to the party as you can see for yourself below in a selection of photos from the night!

Lifestyle portraits with Sam and Erin

A mothers treasure is her daughters photo.

I was invited to photograph Sam and her 3 year old daughter Erin. Sam wanted me to capture some beautiful images of Erin in a lifestyle type photography shoot, although I did manage to get some great shots of Erin on her own I also caught the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter which really shines through in this set of images from the day.

Although we’re mid way through summer the weather the entire week prior to the shoot was more like something from an autumn week in October. I was worried that Sam’s hopes of a summer set of photographs may not turn out as summery as she’d hoped but luckily the weather took a turn and ended up been nicer than even i’d anticipated. Between the great weather and Erins cuteness we managed to get some great photographs.

Take a look below for a selection of images from the shoot.