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Vintage model shoot

When Mark from Cribb Photography (Website & Facebook) first told me about his plan to do a vintage 1950’s inspired photoshoot in his studio and asked me to be involved I jumped at the chance. Mark’s plan was to promote local businesses that are located on Meridian Craft Centre, Cleethorpes.

The first of these businesses was PAST TENSE a treasure trove of vintage goods, full of 1950’s related props. What Shall I Wear kindly provided all the models with beautiful vintage style dresses and accessories and Pinky’s Vintage Salon were on hand to give the girls that retro look.

Whilst Mark was doing his thing in the studio I utilised my time by taking some of the girls out of the studio managing to capture some really great images and having a really great time in the process.

A big thankyou to everyone involved it was great day to be apart of. You can see a selection of some of my images below.